Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO)


Abstract: Laser coronary angioplasty was developed to modify atherosclerotic plaque and help with the acute and longer-term limitations of balloon angioplasty, namely, intimal dissection and restenosis, respectively.

Our objectives were to assess the incidence of no-reflow in patients undergoing CTO-PCI, to analyze possible causes and differential diagnoses, and to identify useful management approaches. We reviewed no-reflow complications in this multicenter observational study, all CTO-PCIs performed between…

Abstract: Background. The use of electrocautery (EC)-facilitated re-entry in an aorto-ostial chronic total occlusion (CTO) of the right coronary artery (RCA) was first described in 2016.

CTO-PCI often requires administration of large contrast volume. The DyeVert system (Osprey Medical, Inc) is a device that interfaces with standard manifold systems to reduce the amount of contrast used. We compared the procedural outcomes of patients with vs without the DyeVery system.
Review of 4436 CTO-PCIs performed in 4340 patients between 2012 and 2018 at 25 sites produced 20 LMCA cases; we examined the clinical and angiographic characteristics and procedural outcomes of each case.