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October 2017

Volume 29 Issue 11
Under-expanded and under-deployed stents carry a high risk of restenosis and thrombosis, with inherent serious clinical complications. We performed a retrospective analysis of prospectively collected data on all under-expanded, under-deployed stents…
Although the terms ventricularization and damping are commonly used in the cath lab and are widely recognized as indicating possible flow limitation due to catheter position, their hemodynamic origins and mechanism have not been well studied. Often,…
Prosthetic leaflet thrombosis is a growing concern in transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). We analyzed patients undergoing native-valve TAVR between 2012 and 2015 based on anticoagulant use at hospital discharge.
Orbital atherectomy modifies calcified plaque, thereby facilitating stent delivery and stent expansion. The ideal antithrombotic agent during orbital atherectomy is unknown. We compared the angiographic and clinical outcomes of heparin and bivalirudi…
A case of left-main stem STEMI presenting “out of hours” is discussed, wherein an excellent result was achieved with acute thrombolysis.
The authors suggest that before implanting bioresorbable vascular scaffolds, further improvements in technical procedures and technology are warranted.
Our novel GuideLiner-sleeve technique enabled use of atherectomy in calcific ostial lesions of the left anterior descending and left circumflex.
At 6-month PCI follow-up, angiography showed patent left anterior descending and circumflex stents. However, OCT revealed almost all abluminal cavities were completely filled, which we surmise was due to a neointimal healing process.
We describe step-by-step “zero-contrast” saphenous vein bypass graft intervention using a modified technique.
We report the complete absence of a superior vena cave in a patient without prior history of cardiac surgery or device implantation. This is a very rare congenital cardiac abnormality, which if unrecognized, may lead to complications in patients unde…
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