June 2016

Volume 28 Issue 6
We sought to compare outcomes of STEMI patients from the National Registry of Drug-Eluting Stents (NRDES) stratified by time of clopidogrel loading dose administration.
We present a rare complication of severe radial artery spasm and endarterectomy, with occlusion of the diagnostic catheter and coronary embolization.
We report the case of an 84-year-old patient who underwent MitraClip implantation wherein the pushing maneuver was complicated by the clip accidentally gripping the pigtail catheter along with the two leaflets. 
This study examined the feasibility and immediate outcomes of ultrasound-guided access in traditional and advanced access approaches.
An editorial on the utility of the HEAT-SEALED pathway presented by Shahzad et al in this month's issue of the JIC.  
Patients with heart failure supported with LVADs may require coronary intervention during their support. This case series seeks to explore the indications, safety, and outcomes of PCI in this population.
CTO-PCI success rates still do not approach those of conventional PCIs despite the available options; more robust data are required in the form of randomized trials before CTO-PCI becomes commonplace. 
The use of SVGs for retrograde native vessel CTO-PCI has received limited study. We reviewed the medical records and coronary angiograms of retrograde CTO-PCIs performed through an SVG at 4 U.S. institutions between 2012 and 2013.
This study was conducted to evaluate the differences in the procedural variables between transradial and transfemoral access for coronary angiography, with cardiology fellows as the primary operators.