MedApps, LLC Launches its STEMI Alert Mobile App, Making ECG Transmissions Quicker and More Affordable Than Ever Before

September, 2015, Foley, Alabama — MedApps, LLC has released a new mobile app based service called STEMI Alert. The STEMI Alert service allows healthcare providers to transmit ECG’s in as little as twenty seconds. Emergency responders simply capture an image of the ECG, input patient information and press send. Doctors on the receiving end diagnose the ECG on a PDF and activate the cath lab, all in less than a minute. The app also offers the capability for doctors and responders to video chat and construct a plan of care for the patient while en route to the hospital. At a cost of less than $1.67/month, any department has the potential to transmit 12 leads to begin lifesaving interventions. The system has two components, a managed client dashboard and the free mobile app which is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play

Nearly 250,000 people experience STEMI heart attacks each year. In 2013 the American Heart Association recognized the significance that cellular technology could play in the early transmission of ECG. Displaying the results of a study funded by the University of Virginia, it was proven that this technology was quicker, more reliable and cost effective. A cost effective solution had not reached our fingertips until now with the STEMI Alert App.

STEMI Alert cuts the cost of ECG transmission by 90%. At this cost, any company, large or small, has the capability to transform the cardiac care program for their community. Through a centralized dashboard, the app is able to be customized to each agencies' preferences and department-wide changes can be made in a couple of clicks. The system is not specific to any 12-lead manufacturers, which facilitates the service’s role as either a primary or backup alert system. Your department can be set up on the system in 15 minutes. In order to protect PHI, no patient information is stored on the device.

MedApps is hoping to expand their developments to create alert systems for both trauma and strokes. You can reach them by email at or by phone: (251) 923-5656.

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