Neoendothelialization Demonstrated on Stent Surface 1 Month Post Intervention

Video Supplement to “Endothelialization of a Venous Stent at 1 Month Post Implantation: First-in-Human Angioscopic Assessment,” by Tanabe, et al. (September 2020 Clinical Images).

A 77-year-old woman was diagnosed with iliofemoral vein obstruction caused by acute thrombosis and iliac vein compression. After the catheter-directed thrombolysis with urokinase, venography depicted the obstruction at the iliac vein compression and intravascular ultrasound showed extreme narrowing with hyperechoic spur. A 12 x 60 mm, self-expandable, metallic Smart stent (Cordis) was deployed and her venous flow improved. Follow-up angioscopy 1 month later showed neoendothelialization had started on most surfaces of the stent, as demonstrated in this imaging series. This is the first report to evaluate endothelialization in vivo.

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