Angiography Demonstrating Successful Mechanical Aspiration of Embolized

Video Supplement to “Successful Mechanical Aspiration of Embolized Vessel Fragment During TAVR With Penumbra Indigo Cat Rx Catheter” by Sagheer, et al. (April 2021 Clinical Images).

An 81-year-old female with severe aortic valve stenosis underwent TAVR using the right femoral approach. Shortly after successful deployment of a 29 mm Evolut Pro valve (Medtronic), the patient became hypotensive and ST depressions were noted on telemetry. This selective left coronary angiography series reveals coronary embolism to the left anterior descending/first diagonal bifurcation, as well as its subsequent mechanical aspiration and retrieval of a small piece of debris. We believe it was a broken-off fragment of the femoral artery that migrated on the tip of the TAVR delivery system.

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