September 2019

Volume 31 Issue 9 E
Our case emphasizes the need to use intravascular imaging to optimize stent implantation in the left main coronary artery.
Anomalous origination of coronary artery from the opposite sinus (ACAOS) is an uncommon coronary anomaly that was diagnosed with cardiac computed tomography in the case herein.
3D-OCT revealed extensive fracture and distortion of the struts in the distal portion of a stent, presumably caused by aggressive postdilation at the time of implantation. This was managed successfully with the insertion of a new coronary stent insid…
This case demonstrates that TAVI complications may occur in the peri- and postprocedural periods; operators must be aware of the differentials for such complications and well-versed in their management.
Recurrence of mitral regurgitation after MitraClip implantation is challenging. This case demonstrates that LVAD implantation may be a solution to address MitraClip failure.
We describe the unusual case of an atrial myxoma causing severe pulmonary hypertension, as well as its subsequent treatment.
We performed a meta-analysis comparing polymeric bioresorbable vascular scaffold vs everolimus-eluting stent in STEMI patients.
We review the trend of Impella use at a single tertiary-care center, retrospectively analyze the outcomes, and discuss the increasing use of this device in the United States.
In this secondary analysis of the PACIFY randomized trial, we assessed whether dose and timing of fentanyl have implications for the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of ticagrelor loading during PCI.
Treatment of TAVI patients with pre-existing mechanical mitral valve replacement is challenging due to possible interference between the TAVI prosthesis and the mechanical valve. We present our single-center experience with 16 patients in this specia…