July 2019

Volume 31 Issue 7 E
This is the first study to directly compare the Portico valve with the Sapien 3 valve; we compared 104 Portico valves and 73 Sapien 3 valves at a high-volume center in a real-world setting.
In this systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized-controlled trials, we assessed whether ultrasound guidance was associated with a decreased risk of vascular complications during femoral artery catheterization.
We sought to compare the clinical outcomes of patients undergoing alternative access versus transfemoral access TAVR in a total of 600 patients (78 alternative access and 522 transfemoral access).
We aimed to identify the actual cumulative incidence of new-onset atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter in patients who required pacemaker insertion after TAVR using pacemaker device interrogation.
It is not certain whether ultrasound guidance offers a benefit for venous access of the arm for RHC; thus, we sought to assess the efficacy of ultrasound-guided venous access of the arm for RHC.
Patients with cirrhosis have increased bleeding risk due to coagulopathy and platelet sequestration, as well as inherent cardiovascular risk. We assessed the impact of cirrhosis on the revascularization rates and in-hospital outcomes in patients with…