High-Risk PCI


We aimed to evaluate the feasibility of an ultra-low contrast volume percutaneous coronary intervention protocol in patients with severe chronic kidney disease.
We present a case of stent fracture caused by adventitial cystic disease of the popliteal artery.
We describe a simple “post-close” technique for large arteriotomies (13-14 Fr) after removal of Impella 2.5 or CP systems (Abiomed) from the common femoral artery, using two Perclose devices.
We present an atypical case of ACS related to a coronary bifurcation occlusion due to a septic embolism in a patient presenting with infective endocarditis and summarize previous similar cases and their management.
The aim of this study was to assess the feasibility of performing rotational atherectomy using smaller burrs and subsequently smaller-sheath size catheters.