March 2015

Volume 27 Issue 3
CTO-PCI has emerged as a new subspecialty of interventional cardiology; modern CTO operators have set a new benchmark for CTO success rates of above 90%. With appropriate training and dissemination of the hybrid approach to new operators in the acade…
A discussion of the RESPECT trial results, and potential issues involved in achieving hemostasis with the new Vascade extravascular closure system (Cardiva Medical, Inc) is provided. While there is no formal economic analysis, Dr. Cohen believes that…
In order to assess the value of routine real-time ultrasound (RTUS) guidance, this study enrolled 100 consecutive patients who underwent TRA without the assistance of RTUS followed by 100 consecutive patients who underwent TRA using RTUS guidance.
This study investigates whether the extent of aortic valve calcification is associated with postprocedural prosthesis eccentricity and paravalvular regurgitation in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation.