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July 2013

Volume 25 Issue 7
A case series of 5 patients with SCAD is presented to help illustrate the features of this disorder that pose diagnostic challenges. Improved awareness of this disorder and associated trends might improve a clinician’s index of suspicion and lead to…
Innovative case describes combining the advances in CTO PCI from the East and the West together for successful treatment and also demonstrates the possibility of using the Stingray system in a 5 French guiding catheter.
Experience of safety and feasibility of transcatheter right ventricular outflow tract stent implantation while preserving the native pulmonary valve function is reported in two children with infundibular stenosis after surgical repair of congenital h…
We describe stenting of both the major branches of an anomalous single coronary artery in a patient with atherosclerotic coronary artery disease with a brief review and discuss the issues with intervention on single coronary artery.
Successful transvenous intravascular ultrasound (IVUS)-guided (TIG) percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) for CTO of the coronary artery in two patients is described.
The IVUS-guided parallel wire technique allowed re-crossing of the guidewire into the distal true lumen of the chronic total occlusion by identifying the anatomy of the occluded segment and the appropriate re-entry point.
We have read with attention the article by JR Azpiri-Lopez et al showing a significant 38% reduction in radiation dose to patient undergoing PCI after training of operators in radiation protection, however, despite their efforts, the doses to patient…
An interesting case illustrating how high-resolution coronary optical frequency domain imaging examination can be used to guide revascularization of a complex chronic total occlusion.
The presence of uncovered struts overlying side-branch is considered to be a potential risk of stent thrombosis. This study demonstrates accuracy of optical coherence tomography in detection of neointimal coverage of nonapposed struts over side-branc…
With increased life expectancy of patients who undergo transcatheter aortic valve implantation, post-TAVI PCI is expected to rise. Two successful cases using PCI following CoreValve (Medtronic) implantation are presented.
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