IAGS 2017 Faculty Disclosure

40th Anniversary of PTCA, 2017

International Andreas Gruentzig Society Meeting

September 17-22, 2017

Participant/Faculty Disclosures

James Adams

  • No Potential Conflict of Interest

H. Vernon Anderson

  • Nothing to Disclose

Joseph Babb 

  • Nothing to Disclose

David Baron 

  • Nothing to Disclose

Jorge Belardi

  • Nothing to Disclose

Robert Bersin

  • Advisory Board: Boston Scientific; Cardinal Health; MedAlliance SA; Transverse Medical
  • Consulting Relationship: Abbott Vascular; Boston Scientific; Cardinal Health; Cook Medical, Inc.; Endologix Corp; Medtronic Vascular; Spectranetics Corp; W.L. Gore
  • Equity Interest: Ablative Solutions; Boston Scientific; MedAlliance SA; Omeros Corp; QT Vascular; Transverse Medical; Vatrix Medical
  • Proctor or Training Course Sponsorships: Abbott Vascular;  Cook Medical, Inc; Endologix Corp; Medtronic Vascular; W.L. Gore
  • Speakers Bureau: Abbott Vascular; Boston Scientific; Spectranetics Corp
  • Stock Options or Positions: Transverse Medical

Rafael Beyar

  • Stockholder: Corindus

Seth Bilazarian

  • Employed: Abiomed, Inc.

Carlo Briguori

  • Nothing to Disclose

Douglas Cavaye

  • Nothing to Disclose

Howard Cohen

  • Consulting, Stockholder, Medical Director: TamdemLife

Tyrone Collins

  • Nothing to Disclose

Antonio Colombo

  • Nothing to Disclose

Sam Conaway

  • Nothing to Disclose

Michael Cowley

  • Nothing to Disclose

Joost Daemen

  • Consulting: Pythagoras; ReCor Medical
  • Research Contract: St. Jude/Abbott; Boston Scientific; Medtronic; Acist Medical/ ReCor Medical / Pulse Cath; Terumo

Larry Dean

  • Research Contract: Edwards Partner II

Ashok Dhar

  • Nothing to Disclose

Ronald Dick

  • Advisory Board: Abbott: Australian Advisory
  • Honoraria: India: Teaching Visit

Anthony Dortimer

  • Nothing to Disclose

John Douglas

  • Nothing to Disclose

Tim Fischell 

  • Advisory Board: Abbott Vascular
  • Honoraria: Abbott Vascular
  • Commercial Interest: Merit Medical: Ostial Pro (Royalty)
  • Employed: Ablative Solutions, Inc.
  • Stockholder: Ablative Solutions, Inc.; Angel Medical; Svelte

Joshua Franklin

  • Employed: Chiesi USA, Inc.

Gyula Gal

  • Nothing to Disclose

Lawrence Garcia

  • Advisory Board, Travel: Medtronic; Boston Scientific; Abbott
  • Founder: Innovation Vascular Partners Consulting
  • Equity Interests: Scion CV Inc.; CV Ingenuity; Spirox; Essential Medical; Syntervention; Primacea; Tissue Gen
  • Founder: Innovation Vascular Partners Consulting

Kirk Garratt

  • Advisory Board: Jarvik Heart
  • Consulting: Celonova
  • Research Contract: Boston Scientific
  • Stockholder: LifeCuff, Inc.

Philippe Gaspard

  • Nothing to Disclose

Richard Gray

  • Advisory Board: BOD
  • Stockholder: Heart Sciences
  • Consulting: Celonova

Cindy Grines

  • Advisory Board: Abbott Vascular; Volcano
  • Speaker: Abiomed; CSI

Laurie Gustafson

  • Nothing to Disclose

George Hanzel

  • Proctor: Boston Scientific (Watchman) – I do not receive honoraria

Michael Haude

  • Advisory Board: Biotronik; Cardiac Dimensions
  • Consulting: Biotronik; Abbott
  • Research Contract: Biotronik; Abbott
  • Speaker’s Bureau: Biotronik; Abbott; Cardiac Dimensions; Volcano

Tarek Helmy

  • Nothing to Disclose

Richard Heuser

  • Stockholder & Medical Director: QuantumCor
  • Stockholder: Radius Medical; Avinger; Claret Medical
  • Stockholder & Founder: PQ ByPass
  • Stockholder: CSI; Verve Medical, Inc.
  • Honoraria: Spectranetics; Abbott; Medtronic; Bard; Abiomed
  • Speaker: Medtronic; Abbott; AngioScore
  • Grant: Acist Medical Systems
  • Founder: Arizona Medical Systems
  • Owner/Inventor: ORACLE Thrombus Removal System
  • Patents: RF; Snares; Wires; Balloon Catheters; Covered Stents; Devices for Arterial Venous Connection; Devices for LV and RV Closure; Vascular Access Patents

Jay Hollman

  • Nothing to Disclose

Kevin Kenny

  • Employed & Stock Ownership: Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (CSI)
  • Advisory Role: Industry Board Member; CLI Global Society

Spencer King

  • Nothing to Disclose

Nickolas Kipshidze

  • Stockholder: EndoBar Solutions LLC

Azeem Latib

  • Consultant, Advisory Board, Research Grants: Medtronic; Abbott Vascular; Edwards Lifesciences; Mitralign; Mitraltech; Navigate; Keystone Heart; ICS

Pierre Leimgruber

  • Nothing to Disclose

Nicholas Lembo

  • Advisory Board: Abbott Vascular
  • Speakers Bureau: Abbott Vascular; Boston Scientific; Medtronic Vascular

Thomas Lüscher

  • Nothing to Disclose

Ayman Magd

  • Advisory Board, Honoraria: Medtronic; Abbott; Boston Scientific; MSD; Amgen

Ehtisham Mahmud

  • Advisory Board, Educational Programs: Corindus
  • Speakers Bureau: Medtronic
  • Educational Programs: Abbott Vascular

Francesco Maisano

  • Consulting, Grants, Honoraria: Abbott; Mitraltech; Medtronic; Edwards Lifesciences; Xeltis
  • Research Grants:  Abbott; Bioventrix; Direct Flow; Medtronic
  • Stockholder: Mitraltech; 4 Tech Cardio; Perifect; TSP Medical

James Margolis

  • Nothing to Disclose

J. Jeffrey Marshall

  • Nothing to Disclose

Bernhard Meier

  • Advisory Committee: Astra; Bayer; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Boehringer-Ingelheim; Daiichi Sankyo; Pfizer
  • Honorarium: Abbott

Sundeep Mishra

  • Nothing to Disclose

Michael Mooney

  • Advisory Board: Medtronic
  • Steering Committee: Zoll

Max Muhs 

  • Consulting: Elixir Medical Corporation

Srihari Naidu

  • Advisory Board: Abbott Vascular
  • Consulting: MyoKardia; Getinge

Sigrid Nikol

  • Advisory Board: Bayer; AstraZeneca
  • Consulting: Bayer; Pluristem

Brian O’Murchu

  • Nothing to Disclose

William O’Neill

  • Consulting: Boston Scientific; Edwards LifeSciences; Medtronic
  • Stockholder / Investments: Neovasc, Inc.

Paul Overlie

  • Nothing to Disclose

Paul Puccioni

  • Commercial Interest: Kengreal
  • Employed: Chiesi USA

Ramon Quesada

  • Advisory Board: Abbott
  • Consulting: Abbott; Boston Scientific; Volcano; Phillips

Renato Ramos

  • Nothing to Disclose

Michael Rinaldi

  • Advisory Board: Abbott Vascular; Boston Scientific
  • Payments Received: Abbott Vascular (Advisory Board / Teaching Course); Boston Scientific (Advisory Board, Lecture); Edwards (Lectures)

Gregory Robertson    

  • Advisory Board: Avinger
  • Consulting: Avinger
  • Stockholder: Avinger

Alfredo Rodriguez

  • Nothing to Disclose

Gary Roubin

  • Royalties: Cook, Inc.
  • Stockholder: Essential Medical, Inc.

Paula Rowbury

  • Nothing to Disclose

Souheil Saddekni

  • Nothing to Disclose

Marcia Schallehn

  • Nothing to Disclose

Patrick Serruys    

  • Consultant: Abbott Laboratories; AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals; Biotronik; Cardialysis B.V.; GLG Research; Medtronic; Sino Medical Sciences Technology Inc. Tianjin China; Societe Europa Digital & Publishing; Stentys France; Svelte Medical Systems; Inc.; Volcano/Philips Europe; Q3 Medical Devises Limited; St. Jude Medical
  • Member CAB; Xeltis

Ashok Seth

  • Advisory Board: Abbott Vascular
  • Consulting: Medtronic; Meril LifeSciences

Fayaz Shawl

  • Nothing to Disclose

Charles Simonton

  • Employed: Abbott Vascular

Richard Smalling

  • Nothing to Disclose

Paul Sorajja

  • Advisory Board: Abbott Vascular; Medtronic; Integen; Boston Scientific

Hans Störger

  • Nothing to Disclose

Jason Struck

  • Employed: Boston Scientific

Marko Turina

  • Nothing to Disclose

Nicolas Van Mieghem

  • Grants: Medtronic; Abbott; Claret; PulseCath

George Vetrovec

  • Consulting: Abiomed; FDA; Quintiles; BBA
  • Honorarium: Corindus (Speaker)
  • Commercial Interest: Impella; CorPath (Robotic)

Marco Wainstein

  • Advisory Board: Abbott Vascular
  • Research Contract: Biotronik; Scitech; Terumo

Greg Walters 

  • Commercial Interest: MANTA Large Bore Closure

Bonnie Weiner    

  • Consulting: Stryker; Somahlution; Biocardia; Microvention; Vivasure Soundbite; Shifamed; Sentreheart; Whiteswell; Asahi; Cytosorbents; Inspiremd

Hall Whitworth

  • Nothing to Disclose

Stephan Windecker    

  • Grants: Boston Scientific; Bracco Pharmaceutical; Terumo Inc.; St. Jude Medical

David Wood

  • Consulting: Edwards; Abbott; Medtronic; AstraZeneca
  • Research Contract: Edwards; Abbott; Siemens; Boston Scientific; Vesalius Research

Jim Zidar

  • Advisory Board: Abbott; Medtronic; Siemens
  • Consultant: Abbott; Medtronic; Siemens