Hybrid Imaging: Synergy and Co-registration of X-ray, CT and 3D Echo in the Interventional Suite

12th Biennial Meeting of the International Andreas Gruentzig Society:  Rio de Janeiro - February 2-6, 2014

From SESSION 6 — Structural

Moderator: Steve Bailey
Panelists: Kirk Garratt, Gyula Gal, Adam Greenbaum, Nickolas Kipshidze, Brian O’Murchu

Framing the question at hand, what is the state of the current knowledge?

With the advent of more complex procedures in the catheterization suite, there has been great enthusiasm for bringing all of the imaging modalities together to enhance outcomes. These technologies often involve different skill sets to optimally be integrated but appear to offer operators the opportunity to better characterize and treat complex disease. Which patient, which procedure and at what cost remain to be answered.

What are the Gaps in the current knowledge?
While many manufactures are developing this technology, we have much to learn. Technically, we don’t know whether these systems will be able to coexist. Who will acquire and process the data? A technician, a non-invasive MD, a re-trained interventionist, a radiologist?

An understanding of the benefits needs to be developed. Will this decrease (or increase) radiation? Will it decrease procedural time? What is the incremental cost and how will it be subsidized? Will this increase competition for these labs among other physician specialties such as trauma surgeons, vascular surgeons, neurosurgeons and others?

Our Summary and Recommendations:
This technology is fascinating and should be followed closely. Currently we do not know whether hardware or software modifications will be the best configuration. The systems need to add value with regards to procedures, have acceptable incremental cost, be vendor agnostic and be demonstrated to improve outcomes before they will be widely accepted in today’s environments.