Introducing the IAGS blog

Visit this space regularly for selected blogs from IAGS members providing updates from the sessions presented during the 10th Biennial IAGS Meeting (held in South Africa in January 2009) and related discussions. PROGRAM Drug-eluting Stent Design: Perils, Potential, Progress Speakers: James Zidar, Campbell Rogers Moderator: Nickolas Kipshidze Panelists: Michael Mooney, Thomas Mabin, Jamey Jacobs, Hall Whitworth Drug-eluting Stent Management Dilemmas I Speakers: Alfredo Rodriguez, Bonnie Weiner Moderator: Richard Gray Panelists: George Vetrovec, J. Jeffrey Marshall, Tarek Helmy Drug-eluting Stent Management Dilemmas II Speakers: Cindy Grines, H. Vernon Anderson Moderator: Howard Cohen Panelists: Tony Dortimer, Richard Gray, Adam Greenbaum, George Hanzel Structural Heart Disease I Speaker: William O’Neill Moderator: George Hanzel Panelists: Hall Whitworth, Larry Dean, Bonnie Weiner Structural Heart Disease II Speakers: Howard Cohen, Kirk Garratt Moderator: George Vetrovec Panelists: Alex Zapolanski, Dieter Liermann Interventional Radiology Speakers: Barry Katzen, Gyula Gal Moderator: Jiri Vitek Panelists: Souheil Saddekni, J. Jeffrey Marshall, Gary Roubin Atherothrombotic Risk and Management Speakers: Michael Cowley, Steven Steinhubl Moderator: Thomas Mabin Panelists: Ted Bass, Robert Bersin, Peter Gonschior Imaging Speakers: Jorge Belardi, Souheil Saddekni Moderator: Larry Dean Panelists: Amir Lerman, Wilhelm Rutishauser, Nithi Mahanonda ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction I Speakers: Howard Cohen, Michael Mooney Moderator: William O’Neill Panelists: George Vetrovec, Adam Greenbaum, Tim Fischell ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction II Speakers: Tim Henry Moderator: Tim Fischell Panelists: Tony Dortimer, Fayaz Shawl, William O’Neill, Cindy Grines Carotid Stenting: Unmet needs and appropriate use Speakers: Gary Roubin, Klaus Mathias Moderator: Robert Bersin Panelists: Barry Katzen, Chris Cates, Richard Shaw Acute stroke intervention: Is it ready for prime time? Speakers: Klaus Mathias, Chris Cates Moderator: Mike Cowley Panelists: Jiri Vitek, Barry Katzen, Gyula Gal, Thomas Mabin Critical Limb Ischemia and Below the Knee PTA Speakers: Doug Cavaye, Ashok Dhar Moderator: Fayaz Shawl Panelists: Tim Fischell, Tyrone Collins, John Reilly Challenges in SFA intervention Speakers: Sigrid Nikol Moderator: Barry Katzen Panelists: Ashok Dhar, Siegfried Thurnher, John Reilly Advances in the Treatment of Abdominal, Thoracic and Aortic Aneurysms Speakers: Philip Walker, Barry Katzen Moderator: Doug Cavaye Panelists: Alex Zapolanski, Robert Bersin, H. Vernon Anderson Renal and Mesenteric Artery Disease Speakers: Dieter Liermann, Doug Cavaye Moderator: Klemens Barth Panelists: Norberto Schectmann, Ashok Dhar, James Zidar, Tyrone Collins Biological Approaches To Atherosclerosis Management Speakers: Amir Lerman, Tim Henry Moderator: Sigrid Nikol Panelists: Nick Kipshidze, Peter Gonschior, Nithi Mahanonda Multi-vessel Disease Speakers: Ted Bass, Alex Zapolanski Moderator: Gary Roubin Panelists: Jorge Belardi, Tarek Helmy, Alfredo Rodriguez Industry Roundtable I Moderator: Richard Gray Panelists: Abbott Vascular (Jamey Jacobs), boston Scientific (Winston Smit), Cordis (Campbell Rogers), The Medicines Company (Steven Steinhubl), Medtronic (Max Muhs) Industry Roundtable II Moderator: Kirk Garratt Panelists: Abbott Vascular (Jamey Jacobs), boston Scientific (Winston Smit), Cordis (Campbell Rogers), The Medicines Company (Steven Steinhubl), Medtronic (Max Muhs) ________________________________________________________ International Andreas Gruentzig Society The International Andreas Gruentzig Society is an international educational society of physicians and scientists interested in the health sciences in the cardiovascular and related fields. Society members cooperate in the advancement of knowledge and education through research, publication, study and teaching in the fields of cardiovascular disease. In addition, the society (a) fosters the continuing development of the specialties of health sciences in the cardiovascular and related fields as an art and science; (b) improves the methods of teaching cardiovascular therapeutic techniques; (c) stimulates interest in the study of diseases of the vessel wall and research in treating cardiovascular disease; (d) promotes close fellowship and exchange of ideas among specialists in the health sciences in cardiovascular and related fields; (e) provides meetings for the reading and discussion of papers and dissemination of knowledge and expertise by holding a scientific meeting for members every other year. ________________________________________________________