April 2021 Table of Contents

Mitral Valve Repair


Mitral Valve Surgery After Failed MitraClip: A Single-Center Experience


Florian Rader, MD, MSc;  Robert J. Siegel, MD;  Nir Flint, MD;  Harjit Minhas, BS;  Yehezkel G. Shmueli, MD;  Takahiro Shiota, MD;  Alfredo Trento, MD


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E236-E243.

Peripheral Vascular Disease


The Utility of Peripheral Intravascular Lithotripsy in Calcific Coronary Artery Disease: A Case Series


Brett B. Yarusi, MD;  Vikrant S. Jagadeesan, MD;  Arif Jivan, MD, PhD;  Erin D. Unger, MD;  Lowie M.R. Van Assche, MD;  Tim S. Provias, MD, MPH;  James D. Flaherty, MD;  Keith H. Benzuly, MD;  Daniel R. Schimmel, MD, MS


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E245-E251. Epub 2021 March 10. 

High-Risk PCI


A Novel Risk Score to Predict One-Year Mortality in Patients Undergoing Complex High-Risk Indicated Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (CHIP-PCI)


Sorin J. Brener, MD;  Gregory J. Cunn, MD;  Pankil H. Desai, MD;  Mouzamjha Faroqui, MD;  Le Dung Ha, MD;  Garima Handa, MD;  Issa Kutkut, MD;  Adnan S. Raza, MD;  Terrence J. Sacchi, MD


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E253-E258. Epub 2021 February 4.

Structural Heart Disease


Intravascular Ultrasound for Pulmonary Vein Stenosis Interventions in Congenital Heart Disease


Samantha A. Kops, MD;  Danielle Strah, MD;  Kwan S. Lee, MD;  Michael D. Seckeler, MD, MSc


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E253-E258. Epub 2021 February 4.

Coronary Artery Disease


Evaluation of a Real-World In-Hospital Antiplatelet-Switching Strategy Following Coronary Interventions: The SWITCH Study


Antoine E. Soueid, MD, PharmD, JD;  Ibrahim Kassas, MD;  Jeffrey Rade, MD;  Nikolaos Kakouros, MBBS, MD(Res), PhD


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E263-E268.

Structural Heart Disease


Feasibility of Quantitative Flow Ratio in Adult Patients With Anomalous Aortic Origin of the Coronary Artery With Five Years of Clinical Follow-up


Julien Adjedj, MD, PhD*;  Fabien Hyafil, MD*;  Farhang Aminfar, MD*;  Xavier Halna du Fretay, MD;  Fabien Picard, MD, MSc;  Patrick Dupouy, MD;  Jean-Michel Juliard, MD;  Olivier Muller, MD, PhD;  William Wijns, MD, PhD;  Pierre Aubry, MD; on behalf of the  ANOCOR Investigators                 *Joint first authors


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E269-E274. Epub 2021 March 8.

High-Risk PCI


Predictors of Hemodynamic Response to Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Therapy in Patients With Acute Decompensated Heart Failure and Cardiogenic Shock


Athena L. Huang, MD;  Justin A. Fried, MD;  Waqas Malick, MD; Veli Topkara, MD, MS;  Ersilia M. DeFilippis, MD;  Jennifer Haythe, MD;  Maryjane Farr, MD, MS;  Melana Yuzefpolskaya, MD;  Paolo C. Colombo, MD;  Koji Takeda, MD, PhD;  E. Wilson Grandin, MD, MPH;  Ajay J. Kirtane, MD, SM; Duane Pinto, MD;  A. Reshad Garan, MD, MS


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E275-E280. Epub 2021 March 12.

Coronary Artery Disease


COmplex Bifurcation Lesions: RAndomized Comparison of Modified-T Stenting vs Reconstruction With Self-Expanding Stent and Bioresorbable Scaffold: COBRA II


Johan Bennett, MD, PhD;  Keir McCutcheon, MD, PhD;  Maarten Vanhaverbeke, MD, PhD;  Ruben Pauwels, MD;  Tom Adriaenssens, MD, PhD;  Peter Sinnaeve, MD, PhD;  Walter Desmet, MD, PhD;  Christophe Dubois, MD, PhD


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E281-E293. Epub 2021 March 4.

Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement


Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients Ineligible for Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement (TMVR): Implications for Future Device Innovation


Sebastian Ludwig, MD;  Benedikt Koell, MD;  Roya Sedighian, MD;  Jessica Weimann, MD;  Niklas Schofer, MD;  Andreas Schäfer, MD;  Lisa Voigtländer, MD;  Lara Waldschmidt, MD;  Johannes Schirmer, MD;  Moritz Seiffert, MD;  Simon Pecha, MD;  Dirk Westermann, MD;  Hermann Reichenspurner, MD;  Stefan Blankenberg, MD;  Edith Lubos, MD;  Lenard Conradi, MD;  Daniel Kalbacher, MD


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E294-E301. Epub 2021 February 18.

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement


Clinical Impact of Crossover Techniques for Primary Access Hemostasis in Transfemoral Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Procedures


Lucía Junquera, MD;  Marina Urena, MD;  Azeem Latib, MD;  Antonio Muñoz-Garcia, MD;  Luis Nombela-Franco, MD;  Benjamin Faurie, MD;  Alberto Alperi, MD;  Vicenç Serra, MD;  Ander Regueiro, MD;  Quentin Fisher, MD;  Dominique Himbert, MD;  Antonio Mangieri, MD;  Antonio Colombo, MD;  Erika Muñoz García, MD;  Rafael Vera Urquiza, MD;  Pilar Jiménez-Quevedo, MD;  Isaac Pascual, MD;  Bruno Garcia del Blanco, MD;  Manel Sabaté, MD;  Siamak Mohammadi, MD;  Afonso B. Freitas-Ferraz, MD;  Guillem Muntané-Carol, MD;  Thomas Couture, MS;  Jean-Michel Paradis, MD1; Melanie Côté, MD;  Josep Rodés-Cabau, MD


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E302-E311. Epub 2021 February 18.

Clinical Images


Perforation of an Aortopulmonary Collateral: A Scary Sight in the Lab!


Dinkar Bhasin, MD, DM;  Gaurav Kumar Arora, MD, DM;  Anunay Gupta, MD, DM;  H.S. Isser, MD, DM;  Sandeep Bansal, MD, DM


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E312-E313.

Clinical Images


The Yin-Yang Sign of Severe Mitral Regurgitation


Pankaj Malhotra, MD;  Jonathan Yap, MD;  Edris Aman, MD;  Jason H. Rogers, MD


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E314.

Clinical Images


Successful Mechanical Aspiration of Embolized Vessel Fragment During TAVR With Penumbra Indigo Cat Rx Catheter


Shazib Sagheer, MD;  Shane Prejean, MD;  Silvio Litovsky, MD;  Thomas Watts, MD;  Gregory Von Mering, MD;  Kyle Eudailey, MD;  Mustafa Iltimas Ahmed, MD


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E315.

Clinical Images


Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection Post Partum


Ziad Dahdouh, MD;  Elias Salem, MD;  Tahir Mohamed, MD


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E316.

Clinical Images


Microbubbles Mimicking Prosthetic Mitral Valve Thrombosis


Muhammad Athar Sadiq, PhD


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E317.

Clinical Images


Acute Treatment and 5-Year Follow-up of Longitudinal Deformation of a Bioresorbable Scaffold


Calum S. Creaney, MD;  Colm G. Hanratty, MD;  Martin K. Christensen, MD;  Simon J. Walsh, MD


J INVASIVE CARDIOL 2021;33(4):E318-E319.