6th Biennial Meeting (2000, Crete)

February 2001: Intravascular Flow Prior To and Following Angioplasty in Peripheral Vessels (Arteries) (PDF Only)
Stefan A. Beyer-Enke, MD and Eberhard Zeitler, MD

February 2001: Carotid Angioplasty with Stenting in Post-Carotid Endarterectomy Restenosis (PDF Only)
Jiri J. Vitek, MD, PhD, Gary S. Roubin, MD, PhD, Gishel New, MBBS, PhD, Nadim Al-Mubarek, MD, Sriram S. Iyer, MD

February 2001: Transcatheter Therapy of Intravisceral Bleeding (PDF Only)
Ashok Dhar, MD, PhD, FESC, A. Konar, MD, FRCP, D. Sengupta, MS, FRCS

February 2001: Current Use of Endovascular Grafts for the Treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (PDF Only)
Peter L. Faries, MD, James Burks, MD, Nicholas Morrissey, MD, Larry H. Hollier, MD, Michael L. Marin, MD

February 2001: The Disconnect Between the HCFA and the FDA (PDF Only)
Brian G. Firth, MD, PhD, FACC

February 2001: Regulatory Affairs as they Affect Invasive Cardiology (PDF Only)
Robert E. Fischell, ScD

February 2001: Stent Coatings (PDF Only)
Ulrich Sigwart, MD, S. Prasad, MD, P. Radke, MD, I. Nadra, MD

February 2001: Covered Stents byAutologous Vascular Grafts: Effect of Radiation and External Heating of Stents (PDF Only)
Christodoulos Stefanadis, MD, Konstantinos Toutouzas , MD, Eleftherios Tsiamis, MD, Pavlos Toutouzas, MD

February 2001: Zero Vascular Complications: Athero-Embolism in Cardiovascular Disease (PDF Only)
John L. Anderson, FACS, FRACS

February 2001: High-Resolution MR Angiography: Results in Diseased Arteries (PDF Only)
Peter Gonschior, MD, Ingo Pragst, MD, Gregor Valassis, MD, Claudia Vogel- Wiens, MD, Armin Huber, MD

February 2001: Panel Discussions (PDF Only)

March 2001: Chronic Total Occlusion: How Do We Get There From Here? (PDF Only)
Bernhard Meier, MD

March 2001: Percutaneous Coronary Interventions in Chronic Total Occlusions (PDF Only)
Jorge A. Belardi, MD

March 2001: Brachytherapy Introduction (PDF Only)
Carlos A.M. Gottschall, MD, PhD

March 2001: Red-Hot Intravascular Brachytherapy: Is it Safe for Routine Use? (PDF Only)
Brian G. Firth, MD, PhD

March 2001: Toward Establishing a Lesion Classification: An Overview (PDF Only)
J.J. Adolfo Cosentino, MD and Ronald J. Krone, MD

March 2001: Prognostic Importance of Myonecrosis after Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (PDF Only)
George Dangas, MD, PhD

March 2001: Clinical Interventional Approaches to Patients with Diffuse Coronary Artery Disease (PDF Only)
Fayaz Shawl, MD

March 2001: Takayasu’s Arteritis (PDF Only)
Phillip J. Harris, MBBS and Louis Bernstein, MBBS

March 2001: “Hybrid” Revascularization: Video- Thoracoscopy Assisted MIDCAB Combined with Angioplasty (PDF Only)
Runlin Gao, MD, Shengshou Hu, MD, Zhe Zheng, MD, et al.

March 2001: Progress in the Management of Severe Diffuse Distal Coronary Artery Disease (PDF Only)
Hall B. Whitworth, Jr., MD

March 2001: Panel Discussions (PDF Only)

April 2001: Catheter-Based Therapeutic Angiogenesis: Fluoroscopic Versus Electromechanical Mapping and Guidance (PDF Only)
Timothy A. Sanborn, MD

April 2001: Lessons Learned from Human Gene Therapy in Patients with Chronic Critical Limb Ischemia (PDF Only)
Iris Baumgartner, MD

April 2001: Preclinical and Clinical Experience in Vascular Gene Therapy: Advantages Over Conservative/Standard Therapy (PDF Only)
Sigrid Nikol, MD and Tanya Y. Huehns, MD

April 2001: Perspectives on Selective Retroinfusion of Coronary Veins as an Alternative Approach for Myocardial Gene Transfer and Angiogenesis (PDF Only)
Peter Boekstegers, MD

April 2001: Panel Discussions (PDF Only)

May 2001: Coronary Surgery Via Left Mini-Thoracotomy (West Coast Technique) (PDF Only)
Alex Zapolanski, MD, Laurel Mengarelli, CRNFA, Richard Shaw, PhD, Tamar Zapolanski

May 2001: Is Cardiac Surgery Here to Stay in Coronary Artery Disease? (PDF Only)
Luis M. de la Fuente, MD, FACC, FSCAI

May 2001: Digital Imaging and Archiving in a Radiological Department: The 2nd Radiology Department’s Experience at the University of Athens (PDF Only)
DimitriosA. Kelekis, MD, E.P. Efstathopoulos, MD, E. Brountzos, MD, A.D.Kelekis, MD

May 2001: The Power of Modern Computing and the Internet in the Delivery and Evaluation of Cardiac Care (PDF Only)
Richard E. Shaw, MA, PhD

May 2001: Panel Discussions (PDF Only)

June 2001: Stent Implantation in Small Coronary Vessels (PDF Only)
Antonio Colombo, MD, Goran Stankovic, MD, Leo Finci, MD

June 2001: Panel Discussions (PDF Only)

June 2001: SealingVersus Suturing Devices (PDF Only)
Timothy A. Sanborn, MD


Directory of IAGS Meeting Proceeds Published in JIC

February 2001 – Volume 13 – Number 2: Part I – Pages: 121 – 170

March 2001 – Volume 13 – Number 3: Part II – Pages 233 – 270

April 2001 – Volume 13 – Number 4: Part III – Pages: 328 – 344

May 2001 – Volume 13 – Number 5: Part IV – Pages: 417 – 429

June 2001 – Volume 13 – Number 6: Part V – Pages: 485 – 500