15th Biennial International Andreas Gruentzig Society Meeting

Puerto Natales, Chile: February 4‐7, 2019

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Program Agenda

Monday, February 4, 2019

Welcome & Introductions

Session #1 / Coronary Session 1 ‐ Elective PCI

1.1 Session Summary: CT iFR/FFR Will Make Coronary Angiography Unnecessary 

(Problem Presenter: George Hanzel, MD)

1.2 Session Summary: Elective PCI is Not Dead: How to Take ORBITA Out of Orbit

(Problem Presenter: Alfredo Rodriguez, MD)

1.3 Session Summary: The Fate of PCI in Diabetics

(Problem Presenter: Mauricio G. Cohen, MD)

Session #2 / Structural Session 1 ‐ Aortic

2.1 Session Summary: TAVR in Standard Risk Patients: A Runaway Freight Train?

(Problem Presenter: Gus Pichard, MD)

2.2 Session Summary: VIV: Which Valve for Which Patient and Whether and When to do Bioprosthetic Valve Modification

(Problem Presenter: Adam Greenbaum, MD)

2.3 Session Summary: The Bicuspid Valve: Does TAVR Compete with SAVR? Are We Ready for a Randomized Trial, and in Whom?

(Problem Presenter: David A. Wood, MD)

Session #3 / Endovascular Session 1

3.1 Session Summary: Aortic Frontiers: Management of Acute Thoracic Aortic Dissection

(Problem Presenter: James Zidar, MD)

3.2 Session Summary: Is "Leave Nothing Behind" the Right Approach to the SFA?

(Problem Presenter: Doug Cavaye, MD)

3.3 Session Summary: How Best to Guide Interventions in CLI: Perfusion Imaging

(Problem Presenter: Eric Dippel, MD, FACC)

IAGS Society Luncheon Symposium Working Session on Coronary PCI

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Recap of Previous Day & Announcements

Session #4 / Coronary Session 2 ‐ STEMI

4.1 Session Summary: Multivessel Disease in STEMI: How COMPLETE Should We Be?

(Problem Presenter: David A. Wood, MD)

4.2 Session Summary: Reducing Infarct Size and Reperfusion Injury in STEMI

(Problem Presenter: H. Vernon Anderson, MD)

4.3 Session Summary: Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Failure Post AMI 

(Problem Presenter: Mike Mooney, MD)

Session #5 / Structural Session 2 ‐ Mitral and Tricuspid

5.1 Session Summary: Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair Devices: Building the Toolbox, but do They Compete with Surgery and Can They Deal with MAC?

(Problem Presenter: Molly Szerlip, MD)

5.2 Session Summary: TMVR: What Have We Learned From Tendyne and M3?

(Problem Presenter: Paul Sorajja, MD)

5.3 Session Summary: Percutaneous Tricuspid Valve Repair

(Problem Presenter: Christopher Meduri, MD)

Session #6 / Structural Session 3

6.1 Session Summary: Techniques to Avoid LVOT Obstruction in Valve Interventions

(Problem Presenter: Tarek Helmy)

6.2 Session Summary: Routine vs Selective Use of Cerebral Protection for TAVR: A Debate

(Problem Presenters: Mike Rinaldi, MD [Pro] / Gus Pichard, MD [Con])

6.3 Session Summary: LAA Closure: Best Practices and How do We Make it Mainstream Therapy

(Problem Presenter: Brian O’Neill, MD)

IAGS Society Luncheon Symposium Working Session on Valve Interventions

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Recap of Previous Day & Announcements

Session #7 / Hemodynamics Session 1

7.1 Session Summary: Hemodynamic Support for AMI with Cardiogenic Shock: Which Device is Best? Are We Ready for Primetime? Do We Need Systems of Care?

(Problem Presenter: Srihari Naidu, MD)

7.2 Session Summary: Hemodynamic Support for High Risk PCI: In Whom and How to Integrate the Skills Necessary for Best Outcomes

(Problem Presenter: Sundeep Mishra, MD)

7.3 Session Summary: Interventional and Surgical Therapies for Massive PE: What's PERTinent?

(Problem Presenter: Herbert Aronow, MD)

Session #8 / Emerging Therapies Session 1

8.1 Session Summary: Expanding the Frontiers of Acute Stroke Intervention: Viability Imaging and “Facilitating” Devices

(Problem Presenter: Gyula Gal, MD)

8.2 Session Summary: Robotic PCI Remotely?

(Problem Presenter: Amir Lerman, MD)

8.3 Session Summary: Advanced Multimodality Fusion Imaging

(Problem Presenter: Anthony Medigo, MD)

Session #9 / Emerging Therapies Session 2

9.1 Session Summary: Renal Denervation for Moderate and Severe Hypertension: Waiting for Godot? Do We Finally Have Proof of Principle?

(Problem Presenter: Herbert Aronow, MD)

9.2 Session Summary: Developments in Large Bore Closure

(Problem Presenter: Robert Bersin, MD)

9.3 Session Summary: Lithoplasty: "Disruptive" but not Ablative: Best Way to Deal With Heavily Calcified Lesions?

(Problem Presenter: Ayman Magd, MD)

IAGS Luncheon Symposium Working Session on Hemodynamic Support

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Recap of Previous Day & Announcements

Session #10 / Coronary Session #3

10.1 Session Summary: Bioerodable Scaffolds: A "Disappearing Act"?

(Problem Presenter: J. Dawn Abbott, MD)

10.2 Session Summary: Left Main Interventions: A NOBLE Effort, but How and In Whom Do We EXCEL?

(Problem Presenter: Ted Bass, MD)

10.3 Session Summary: New Devices and Techniques for Coronary CTOs: Will They Change Our Indications?

(Problem Presenter: Manos Brilakis, MD, PhD)

Session #11 / Industry Session

11.1 Session Summary: How Do We Harness the Power of Social Media

(Problem Presenter: Charles Simonton, MD)

11.2 Session Summary: What Happens When Cardiovascular Service Lines Become Cost Centers in Value‐Based Payment Systems?

(Problem Presenter: Kirk Garratt, MD)

11.3 Session Summary: Payors as Change Agents for Physician Employment Models

(Problem Presenter: J. Jeffrey Marshall, MD)

Session #12 / IAGS Business Meeting