12th Biennial Meeting

12th Biennial Meeting of the International Andreas Gruentzig Society: Meeting Program

Session 1: Coronary

Chronic Stable Angina-QOL vs MACE Reduction Benefit With Intervention

Coronary Lesion Assessment:  Are FFR and iFR It?

Can OCT Identify ACS Patients Who Don't Need Stents?

Session 2: Structural

Is Paravalvular Leak the Achilles Heel of TAVR and How to Obtain Best Outcomes

Valves and Other Devices for Structural Mitral Valve Disease

Devices for Functional MR: One Clip, Two Clip, Three Clip, Four?

Session 3: Endovascular

Aortic Frontiers: The Prophylactic Treatment of Uncomplicated Type B Dissection

Endovascular Drug Eluting Balloons vs. Stents:  Is Provisional Stenting Back?

What to do with the Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis?

Session 4: Emerging Therapies

Destination Therapy for Heart Failure: What to do When the Batteries Run Out?

Myocyte Recovery Strategies and Cell Therapies for Myocardial Regeneration Post MI

Novel Therapies for Plaque Inflammation

Session 6: Structural

PFO: Should Anyone be Closed and With What?

Penumbra Direct Aspiration System:  Removing Clots for Acute Ischemic Stroke

Hybrid Imaging: Synergy and Co-registration of X-ray, CT and 3D Echo in the Interventional Suite

Session 7:  Endovascular

Mechanical Devices for Acute Stroke Intervention: Why Did the Trials Fail?

Novel Lower Extremity Interventions: Chocolate TOBA, or Something Like That?

Session 9: Emerging Therapies

Renal Denervation: Is a BP Endpoint Sufficient or is a Reduction in MACE Necessary for Adoption and Reimbursement?

Devices for Diastolic Dysfunction:  The Golden Parachute?

Session 11: Industry Roundtable

How to Approach the Increasing Worldwide Disconnect Between Evidence, Indication and Reimbursement?

Cost-Effectiveness Research: Sorely Needed for Interventional Therapies

ACOs: Industry’s Role in Bringing Providers and Payers Together