Terumo Launches Pinnacle® Precision Access System™

New micro access system is a simple solution for a complex problem which facilitates smooth, reliable and precise vascular access

October 25, 2012, SOMERSET, NJ— Terumo Interventional Systems, a strategic business unit of Terumo Medical Corporation, and a manufacturer of guidewires, catheters, sheaths, and embolization products, today announced the nationwide availability of its new Pinnacle® Precision Access System™, a vascular access system specifically designed for smooth, efficient, and reliable vascular access.

The Pinnacle Precision Access System offers the a tapered introducer needle to minimize vessel trauma, dilate the tissue, and gain more precise access in difficult cases, such as those impeded by scar tissue or calcification.

“Terumo’s Pinnacle Precision Access System is one of the most innovative advancements in technology that will help us achieve success in peripheral vascular intervention, specifically where critical limb ischemia (CLI) is present,” said Dr. Jihad Mustapha, MD, FACC, FSCAI, Director of Endovascular Laboratories and Director of Cardiovascular Research, Metro Heart & Vascular, Metro Health Hospital, in Wyoming, MI. “From the tapered needle to the TIF (Total Integrated Fit) sheath, Terumo provides a seamless transition for vascular access femorally or peripherally.”

One of the Pinnacle Precision Access System’s most significant advantages is the elimination of procedural steps compared to alternative products. Traditionally, once access is achieved, the site is gradually enlarged to the desired French size by exchanging to a larger wire and sheath. Terumo’s new Pinnacle Precision Access System eliminates the need for both a micropuncture kit and a standard size introducer sheath. It features proven TIF (Total Integrated Fit) technology and a new tapered 21 gauge needle that allow for a smaller, straighter and more accurate puncture to significantly reduce vessel entry site trauma and access complications.

The Pinnacle Precision Access System was designed and developed at Terumo’s state‐of‐the‐art manufacturing facility in Elkton, Maryland. The upgraded facility combines manufacturing and new product development teams in the same geographic location to streamline Research & Development, while maximizing manufacturing efficiencies.

“The Pinnacle Precision Access System is a prime example of how synergies derived by co-locating our development and manufacturing teams at the Elkton plant help foster a climate of innovation,” said Pearson. “Our skilled workforce is maximizing the additional resources in order to develop unique products that help Terumo provide economic benefit to the healthcare system, improve clinical outcomes, and enhance patient Quality of Life.”

For additional information about The Pinnacle Precision Access System, visit www.terumois.com or connect to your local Terumo sales representative by calling 800‐862‐4143.

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