Recurrent Coronary Stent Thromboses and Myocardial Infarctions

Intraluminal haziness within the stented segment with possible
thrombus (arrows).
Final result after new stent deployment, demonstrating no
haziness within the stent.
Total thrombotic stent occlusion (arrow).
Final result after thrombectomy, balloon, and bare-metal
stent deployment. Note step-up and step-down of stented segment.
Final result demonstrating good angiographic result from
obtuse marginal balloon angioplasty and mid-left circumflex stenting,
with negative residual stenosis.
Patent left circumflex artery. However, a linear luncency is
seen within the stented segment (arrows), consistent with possible nonocclusive
Significant stenoses of the obtuse marginal branch (single
arrow) and mid-left circumflex artery (double arrows).

Jack Chen, MD and Angampally Rajeev, MD

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