Successful Interventional Treatment of an Octogenarian Presenting with Syncope and Ebstein’s Anomaly of the Tricuspid Valve

Twelve-lead electrocardiogram obtained on admission when patient was asymptomatic.
Apical 4-chamber view showing markedly dilated right ventricle (RV) and atrium (RA).
Rhythm strip obtained during a pre-syncopal episode. Arrow indicates normal P-wave.
Intracardiac electrocardiographic tracing obtained as arrhythmia was terminated by premature atrial beat (arrow). Leads are I (surface I), II (surface II), V1 (surface V1), HRA 3-4 (high right atrium at sinus node), HIS 3-4 and HIS 1-2 (Bundle of His reco
 Intracardiac electrocardiographic tracing obtained with ablation catheter at success site after successful ablation. The conduction pattern confirms it is at the sinus node.

Thomas A. Hennebry, MB, BCh, BAO, Hugh G. Calkins, MD, *Nisha Chandra-Strobos, MD

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