Hemostasis in the Era of the Chronic Anticoagulated Patient

Unique structure of polymer in the pGlcNAc patch.
Splenic injury cross section demonstrating the interaction of red blood cells with pGlcNAc. The pGlcNAc causes rapid red blood cell aggregation.
Scanning electron micrograph demonstrating platelets contacting the pGlcNAc patch fibers.
Fluorescence and phase micrograms demonstrating platelets binding to and activating on the pGlcNAc patch fibers.
GPIIb/IIIa complex assumes an activated conformation upon contact with NAG.
pGlcNAc activates a Ca signal in platelets.
 pGlcNAc induces surface exposure of PS.
Scanning electron microgram showing platelets on the pGlcNAc.

Bonnie Weiner, MD, *Thomas Fischer, PhD, †Sergio Waxman, MD

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