Vascular Brachytherapy and the Strontium90 Vascular Brachytherapy System

Mark Reisman, MD and William A. Gray, MD

Vascular brachytherapy, the delivery of a single dose of a radioactive isotope directly inside the target area of the coronary artery after balloon angioplasty, is the only clinically proven therapy and is the standard of care for patients with in-stent restenosis. Over the last several years, vascular brachytherapy has been widely studied with several multicenter, randomized trials, registries and many single center experiences with several different systems and isotopes. The Strontium90 vascular brachytherapy system (Beta-Cath™ System, Novoste Corporation, Norcross, Georgia), the first vas...

Considerations on Radiation Source Selection and Utilization in Vascular Brachytherapy

Ian Crocker, MD

The initial evaluation of radiotherapy in animal models of restenosis focused on the used of 192Iridium ribbons, a commercially available source. After initial animal studies revealed that therapy with this isotope reliably inhibited vascular renarrowing following balloon angioplasty, investigation into alternative, more “user-friendly” radiation delivery sources and systems was undertaken. Permanently implanted radioactive stents were very successful in animal models and clinical trials at inhibiting neointimal proliferation within the stent but created problems of narrowing at the ends o...

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