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Use of Saphenous Vein Bypass Grafts for Retrograde Recanalization of Coronary Chronic Total Occlusions: Insights From a Multicenter Registry

Phuong-Khanh J. Nguyen-Trong, MD1;  Khaldoon Alaswad, MD2;  Dimitri Karmpaliotis, MD3;  William Lombardi, MD4; J. Aaron Grantham, MD5;  Nicholas Lembo, MD6;  David Kandzari, MD6;  Aris Karatasakis, MD1;  Judit Karacsonyi, MD1;  Barbara A. Danek, MD1;  Bavana V. Rangan, BDS, MPH1;  Michele Roesle, RN, BSN1;  Colby R. Ayers, MS1; Craig A. Thompson, MD, MMSc7;  Subhash Banerjee, MD1;  Emmanouil S. Brilakis, MD, PhD1

The use of SVGs for retrograde native vessel CTO-PCI has received limited study. We reviewed the medical records and coronary angiograms of retrograde CTO-PCIs performed through an SVG at 4 U.S. institutions between 2012 and 2013....

Retrograde CTO-PCI Through Vein Grafts: Come on Down!

Hamza Z. Ansari, MD;  Anas Alomar, MD;  Jeffrey A. Breall, MD, PhD

CTO-PCI success rates still do not approach those of conventional PCIs despite the available options; more robust data are required in the form of randomized trials before CTO-PCI becomes commonplace. ...

Seven-Year Clinical Outcomes of Successful Versus Failed Revascularization Using Drug-Eluting Stents for the Treatment of Coronary Chronic Total Occlusion

Jong-Pil Park, MD, PhD1;  Seungbong Han, PhD2;  Ki-Chul Sung, MD, PhD3;  Jong-Young Lee, MD, PhD3;  Hyo-In Choi, MD4

Published online ahead of print on 2015 Nov 15

This study investigates the long-term, 7-year clinical outcomes of patients who received successful or failed revascularization using a drug-eluting stent (DES) for the treatment of chronic total occlusion (CTO). ...

PCI in Patients Supported With CF-LVADs: Indications, Safety, and Outcomes

Emeka C. Anyanwu, MD1;  Takeyoshi Ota, MD2, PhD;  Gabriel Sayer, MD3;  Sandeep Nathan, MD, MSc4;  Valluvan Jeevanandam, MD2;  Atman Shah, MD4;  Nir Uriel, MD, MSc3

Patients with heart failure supported with LVADs may require coronary intervention during their support. This case series seeks to explore the indications, safety, and outcomes of PCI in this population....

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Intravenous Adenosine Infusion is Safe and Well Tolerated During Coronary Fractional Flow Reserve Assessment in Elderly Patients With Severe Aortic Stenosis

Dusan Stanojevic, MD1;  Prasad Gunasekaran, MD1;  Peter Tadros, MD1;  Mark Wiley, MD1;  Matthew Earnest, MD1; Ashwani Mehta, MD1;  Matthew Lippmann, MD2;  Micah Levine, MS3;  Buddhadeb Dawn, MD1;  Kamal Gupta, MD1 


Published online ahead of print on 2016 Jun 15

This study assessed the safety of intravenous adenosine infusion during fractional flow reserve evaluation of intermediate coronary lesions in severe aortic stenosis.

A Prospective Multicenter Study Using a Virtual 3 Fr Percutaneous Coronary Intervention System: The V3 Registry

Fuminobu Yoshimachi, MD, PhD1;  Yoshitoki Takagawa, MD, PhD2;  Hidenobu Terai, MD, PhD3;  Akihiko Takahashi, MD, PhD4;  Yoshihisa Shimada, MD, PhD5;  Takaaki Katsuki, MD, PhD6;  Satoru Tohara, MD, PhD7; Hiroshi Ueno, MD, PhD8;  Masanori Takada, MD, PhD9;  Nobuo Shiode, MD, PhD10;  Kunihiro Yamada, MD, PhD11; Noriyuki Kinoshita, MD, PhD12;  Tsuyoshi Honda, MD, PhD13;  Hiroshi Asano, MD, PhD14;  Satoshi Takeshita, MD, PhD15; Hiroaki Koiwa, MD, PhD16;  Tomoyasu Shin, MD17;  Motomaru Masutani, MD, PhD18;  Takashi Matsukage, MD, PhD19; Shigeru Saito, MD20;  Yuji Ikari, MD, PhD1 (V3 Registry Investigators)

Published online ahead of print on 2016 Jun 15

An evaluation of the safety and feasibility of virtual 3 Fr (V3), sheathless 5 Fr percutaneous coronary intervention.

Alternative Rota-Flush Solution for Patients With Severe Coronary Artery Calcification who Undergo Rotational Atherectomy

Michael S. Lee, MD¹;  Moo-Hyun Kim, MD²;  Seung-Woon Rha, MD³

Published online ahead of print on 2016 Jun 15

We assessed the feasibility and safety of a rota-flush solution with 10,000 U of unfractionated heparin in 1 L of normal saline in rotational atherectomy patients as an alternative to the routinely used solution, which includes the RotaGlide lubricant, nitroglycerin, and verapamil.

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