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Using Discrete Event Simulation to Model the Economic Value of Shorter Procedure Times on EP Lab Efficiency in the VALUE PVI Study

Marcin Kowalski, MD1;  J. Brian DeVille, MD2;  J. Thomas Svinarich, MD3;  Dan Dan, MD4;  Andrew Wickliffe, MD5;  Charan Kantipudi, MD5;  Jason D. Foell, PhD6;  Giovanni Filardo, PhD, MPH2;  Reece Holbrook, BSEE6;  James Baker, MD7;  Hassan Baydoun, MD8;  Mark Jenkins, MD9;  Peter Chang-Sing, MD10

Published online ahead of print on 2016 Mar 15

An assessment of the economic value associated with shorter atrial fibrillation ablation procedure times based on VALUE PVI data. ...

Novel Technique of Advancing the Rotational Atherectomy Device: “Single-Operator” Technique

Michael S. Lee, MD1;  Philipp Wiesner, MD1;  Seung Woon Rha, MD, PhD2


The “single-operator” technique allows successful RA without a skilled assistant to maintain wire position during advancement of the burr; the absence of an assistant should therefore not eliminate the performance of RA....

Impact of Surgical Consultation on Outcomes in Hemodynamically Supported High-Risk Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: Insights From PROTECT II Randomized Study

David M. Shavelle, MD1;  Ajay J. Kirtane, MD, SM2;  Theodore L. Schreiber, MD3;  Neel K. Kapasi, MD1;  William W. O’Neill, MD4;  Jeffrey W. Moses, MD2;  Jeffrey Popma, MD5;  Ray V. Matthews, MD1

Published online ahead of print on 2016 Feb 15

An investigation on whether the use of hemodynamic support during PCI can mitigate the adverse prognostic importance of surgical ineligibility. ...

To Protect or Not to Protect: Mitigating the Potential Risk That Surgical Ineligibility Poses in High-Risk PCI

Keshav R. Nayak, MD1 and Brian E. Jaski, MD2


The authors comment on Shavelle et al and offer their thoughts on the place of surgical ineligibility in the spectrum of PCI risk....

Ahead of Print

Prospective Evaluation of the Impact of Side-Holes and Guide-Catheter Disengagement From the Coronary Ostium on Fractional Flow Reserve Measurements

Krishna S. Patel, BS;  Georgios E. Christakopoulos, MD;  Aris Karatasakis, MD;  Barbara Anna Danek, MD;  Phuong-Khanh J. Nguyen-Trong, MD;  Suwetha Amsavelu, BS;  Jeffrey F. Stetler, BS;  Bavana V. Rangan, BDS, MPH;  Michele Roesle, RN, BSN;  Shuaib Abdullah, MD;  Tayo Addo, MD;  Subhash Banerjee, MD;  Emmanouil S. Brilakis, MD, PhD

Published online ahead of print on 2016 Apr 15

We prospectively examined the impact of side-holes and guide-catheter disengagement on fractional flow reserve (FFR) measurements. 

Describing Activity in Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: An Exploration of Denominators. From the HEAT Trial – A Systematic Evaluation of PPCI Activations in Liverpool, Explaining Denominators (HEAT-SEALED)

Adeel Shahzad, MRCP1;  Christine Mars, Dip HE1;  Ian Kemp, BA1;  Rob Cooper, MRCP1;  Paul Arnold1;  Claire Roome, MBBS1;  Keith Wilson1;  Jim McLenachan, MD2;  Huon Gray, MD3;  John Morris, MD1;  Rod H. Stables, DM1

Published online ahead of print on 2016 Apr 15

The HEAT-SEALED pathway offers a practical and comprehensive solution to the problem of describing denominators in STEMI and primary PCI. Routine application would facilitate a more consistent and precise description of activity and outcome.

Balloon Versus Computed Tomography Sizing of the Aortic Annulus for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement and the Impact of Left Ventricular Outflow Tract Calcification and Morphology on Sizing

Jose F. Condado, MD1;  Stamatios Lerakis, MD1;  James Stewart, MD1;  Hanna Jensen, MD2;  Travis S. Henry, MD3; Sung Min Ko, MD4;  Arthur Stillman, MD3;  Mohammad H. Rajaei, MD2;  Kreton Mavromatis, MD1;  Chandan Devireddy, MD1;  Eric Sarin, MD2;  Brad Leshnower, MD2;  Robert Guyton, MD2;  Brian Kaebnick, MD1; Vinod H. Thourani, MD2;  Peter C. Block, MD1;  Vasilis Babaliaros, MD1

Published online ahead of print on 2016 Apr 15

Balloon sizing can complement multidetector CT for annular sizing in TAVR, especially in patients with moderate/severe annular calcification, borderline annular size, and non-tubular LVOT. 

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