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Outcome of Patients on Oral Anticoagulation Undergoing Coronary Artery Stenting: Data From Discharge to 12 Months in the Warfarin and Coronary Stenting (WAR-STENT) Registry

Andrea Rubboli, MD1;  Francesco Saia, MD2;  Alessandro Sciahbasi, MD3;  Maria Letizia Bacchi-Reggiani, MSc2; Luigi Steffanon, MD4;  Carlo Briguori, MD5;  Paolo Calabrò, MD6;  Cataldo Palmieri, MD7;  Andrea Rizzi, MD8; Ferdinando Imperadore, MD9;  Giuseppe M. Sangiorgi, MD10;  Marco Valgimigli, MD11;  Giuseppe Carosio, MD12;  Giuseppe Steffenino, MD13;  Marcello Galvani, MD15;  Giuseppe Di Pasquale, MD1;  Luigi La Vecchia, MD14; Aldo P. Maggioni, MD16;  Leonardo Bolognese, MD17; for the WARfarin and Coronary STENTing  (WAR-STENT) Study Group 

This study obtains further, and more focused, information on the efficacy and safety of three antithrombotic regimens prescribed to patients on oral anticoagulation undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention with stent implantation by analyzing the database of the WAR-STENT registry....

Clinical and Angiographic Outcomes After Drug-Eluting Stent Implantation With Triple-Kissing-Balloon Technique for Left Main Trifurcation Lesion: Comparison of Single-Stent and Multi-Stent Procedures

Shunsuke Kubo, MD;  Kazushige Kadota, MD, PhD;  Mahmoud Sabbah, MD;  Suguru Otsuru, MD; Daiji Hasegawa, MD;  Seiji Habara, MD;  Takeshi Tada, MD, PhD;  Hiroyuki Tanaka, MD;  Yasushi Fuku, MD; Harumi Katoh, MD, PhD;  Tsuyoshi Goto, MD;  Kazuaki Mitsudo, MD

This study evaluated clinical and angiographic outcomes after drug-eluting stent (DES) implantation with triple-kissing-balloon technique (triple-KBT) for left main (LM) trifurcation lesions and compared them between single-stent and multi-stent procedures....

Effect of Caffeine on Intravenous Adenosine-Induced Hyperemia in Fractional Flow Reserve Measurement

Hidenari Matsumoto, MD, PhD1,*;  Kenji Nakatsuma, MD1,*;  Toshihiko Shimada, MD2;  Shunpei Ushimaru, MD1; Mikiko Mikuri, MD1;  Taketoshi Yamazaki, MD, PhD1;  Tetsuya Matsuda, MD, PhD3

The interaction between caffeine and adenosine is still a matter of debate. Our aims were to both examine whether caffeine attenuated intravenous adenosine-induced hyperemia in the measurement of fractional flow reserve (FFR) and if an increased dose of adenosine overcame the caffeine antagonism. ...

Correlation Between Markers of Reperfusion and Mortality in ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction: A Systematic Review

Sudhakar Sattur, MD;  Bilal Sarwar, MD;  Terrence J. Sacchi, MD;  Sorin J. Brener, MD

Early reperfusion improves STEMI outcomes. Reperfusion can be assessed using angiographic (Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction flow grade or myocardial blush grade) or electrocardiographic markers (ST-segment recovery). Our aim was to correlate early and late mortality with markers of reperfusion in ST-elevation myocardial infarction....

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